About us

Hue Journal is a bi-annual publication that celebrates fresh perspectives on modern style and lived space. We delve into the living spaces and lifestyles of designers, entrepreneurs, photographers, artists and stylists – and the curiosities that inform their lifestyles. We collaborate with talented and artistic visionaries to create our signature yet timeless style. Because life is ephemeral, we believe in curating its moments in a tangible high-quality print publication.

Daniel Tran

Editor & Creative Director

Daniel is the fearless leader of Hue Journal, as the Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of the entire publication. When he was 11 years old, he was first introduced to the art of handiwork and design from his Vietnamese, immigrant mother who worked as a seamstress. From these humble beginnings, Daniel gained a sense of creative entrepreneurship that later developed into a love for the world of visual design. While earning his MFA from the Academy of Art of San Francisco, Daniel mastered typography. His compelling portfolio also showcases a wide range of creative skills and projects. From brand development to book publishing, his work has appeared in ad campaigns, fashion lookbooks, industry websites and even on the runway. When he’s not designing, Daniel can be found sipping his favorite cup of green tea while ruminating over typography and the latest fashion trends.

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Madelyn Yeung

Business Director

Before working with Hue Journal, Madelyn was an established marketer for a flooring materials importer. Here, she fell in love with the construction and design processes. She eventually moved on to manage commercial real estate in Silicon Valley and started her own property management company in 2006. As the consulting design and construction manager for a locally-owned tech store, she became independently responsible for assets valued over $100M. Her ability to manage effectively, solve problems and think creatively is influenced by her strong entrepreneurial spirit. She holds a bachelor’s degree from UC Davis in Organizational Studies and has a minor in Communications. She’s also currently a member of Women of the 415, a San Francisco based LeanIn Circle. Her curiosity to explore and discover never ceases to desist.

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Elise Vu

Managing Editor

Elise is an Information Technology Consultant and a freelance photographer and curator for the District of Columbia. Elise earned her bachelors degree in Environmental Geography from the University of California, Los Angeles and her masters degree in Technology Management from Georgetown University. Elise is highly passionate about living spaces and traveling.

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